Playlist for Gothla 2018

someone’s watching over us
  1. Corona Radiata – NIN
  2. Cremation Ghat II – Om
  3. Viginti Tres – Tool
  4. Singularity – Sweetie
  5. Revealed behind the Gates – Foetusdreams
  6. Alice – Sunn O)))
  7. Blood lit skies – Council of Nine
  8. Negative Confession – Black Yoga Meditation Ensemble
  9. Deadbeat I – Desiderii Marginis
  10. Aghartha – Sunn O)))
  11. Loopholes in the Universe – Black Yoga Meditation Ensemble
  12. Recording of a live performance by Rotten Bliss (excerpt)
  13. Journey in Satchidananda – Alice Coltrane

Music chosen by Bridie and enabled on the day by Misty Bone. Many thanks to the Gothla team, and the city of Leicester for an amazing weekend!

Lovely , lovely dosa from Kayal


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