Welcome to Yoga in Black.

Yoga in Black is a variation on Dru Yoga, practised against a darker soundtrack of Dark Ambient, Doom Metal, Drone and Gothic Rock music. Dru Yoga features the use of visualisation and affirmation in its practice, and these classes utilise imagery from pagan, Voudon and particularly Thelemic cosmology to invoke a sense of inner strength and peace.

Many people are discovering the benefits of Yoga for overcoming physical issues, de-stressing and for general wellbeing. But what if your demeanour and personal tastes don’t fit in with the designer yoga clothes, New Age music, or latest yoga trend classes that are commonly on offer?

Some of us who are drawn to a darker aesthetic, either in our clothing, our music or the way we choose to modify our bodies, have been made to feel uncomfortable, or even unwelcome, in more conventional yoga classes. Hence, Yoga in Black! We know that there is beauty, peace and inner strength to be found in the Dark, for without the Dark, how can the Light be seen?  Yoga in Black is accessible to anyone, regardless of age, race, gender, sexuality, ability or personal styling. If you have movement restrictions, modifications can always be made to most postures and sequences.