About Bridie Przibram

‘My adepts stand upright; their head above the heavens, their feet below the hells’ Liber Tzaddi v40

I have been practising Dru Yoga since 2005, when I was inspired to take up yoga through my study of Tribal style belly dance. The first class I walked into was a Dru class and I was immediately hooked. The flowing nature of this style of yoga resonated with my prior experience in Tai Chi and my practise as a dancer.

I decided to train as a Dru teacher to deepen my knowledge of the discipline, and graduated in the registered 200-hour Dru Yoga Teacher Training Diploma in 2014, although I started teaching in 2013 following an interim assessment. The further I proceeded in my yoga studies, the more I felt myself being reminded of my studies in Ritual and Ceremonial Magick begun more than 25 years ago. I finally experienced the initiatory feeling of ‘meeting myself coming back the other way’ that I had been promised years before.

The transformative nature of Dru yoga to become true to yourself resonated with the Magickal practise of discovering one’s True Will. The most famous, and indeed infamous, exponents and practitioners of the Western Mystery Tradition, members of the Golden Dawn and Ordo Templi Orientis, were fans of yoga, and were among the first to popularise the practise in the West at the turn of the 20th Century. Aleister Crowley in particular advocated the practise of yoga to discipline the body and mind.

To me as a Thelemite, ordained Gnostic Priestess and IX’ OTO initiate, the combining of magickal and yoga practises seemed a logical conclusion. In Ritual Magick we use props, sigils and signs to channel and direct the energies of the Universe to create change according to our Will. In Yoga, we use asanas and sequences to manipulate energies in the body to the same end.

As in science and Ritual Magick, it does not matter whether you believe if yoga works or not, the Universe acts as though it does.